We are currently hiring part-time FF/EMT to work 8-10 hour shifts during the week with weekend days also available. Anyone interested who has minimum FFII, EMT-B, and a valid NC drivers license may drop by the station to apply or to get more information. You can also use Contact Us  to send an email. Hourly pay is very competitive along with the department providing additional insurance.


  Can emergency responders find you Day & Night? Help us to better serve You. Please ensure your home has a visible address marker. Markers are available at the Fire Station and can be made while you wait. The life they save may be your own. Under Buncombe County Fire Prevention Code all homes are required to have visible address numbers.




Link to Broad River Fire District Geo Referenced PDF Map (Use with Avenza PDF Map App for IOS or Android):

Note: View the standard link on the Files Page if you do not use QR reader or Avenza. Avenza has a QR reader built into the App.



If someone within our department has done something that you feel they should be acknowledged for please use this link. The form is only sent to Chief Officers and may be sent anonymously.


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