We would like to inform our residents that we are now Officially a DOI Class 5/9 Rated Department! This means if your home is within 5 miles of either of the 3 stations you will see very substantial savings on your insurance premiums effective 1/1/2020. If your home is further than 5 miles but less than 6 miles you will be considered a Class 9. There are very few greater than 5 miles from a station and very very few over 6 miles. When we added the third station at Gold Anchor in preparation for our Rating Inspection it placed a large number of residents on the north end within 5 miles. These folks for the most part were previously greater than 5 miles some further than 6 from our main station. If you see a Volunteer, Board Member or Auxiliary, Please take time to Thank them! The entire organization supporting each other is how this was accomplished. Your fire department personnel worked extremely hard to achieve this. Here is a link to the official letter if anyone needs a copy.



Broad River Volunteer Fire & Rescue is pleased to offer its community a place to dispose of used cooking oil. The container is located beside the main station in a well lit area and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Blue Ridge Bio-fuels will routinely empty the container so that the oil may be used for other purposes. There is a sign located at the bin which should answer any questions. We hope everyone will take advantage of this recycling program and tour the station while you are here.




  Can emergency responders find you Day & Night? Help us to better serve You. Please ensure your home has a visible address marker. Markers are available at the Fire Station and can be made while you wait. The life they save may be your own. Under Buncombe County Fire Prevention Code all homes are required to have visible address numbers.



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