About Us

The Broad River Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department has been providing service to our community for over 30 years. Our fire department serves one of the most challenging and diverse geographic areas in Buncombe County, North Carolina. The original members came together to protect and serve their friends and neighbors. Through the years as the community grew and changed, the fire department has expanded and grown as well. Once operated by volunteers, we are now a combination department staffed Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm by professional paid firefighter/emergency medical technicians. After hours and weekends our dedicated volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians answer the calls.
This change has allowed the fire department to keep pace with the ever growing demands of training, testing, cleaning, inspecting, repairs and maintenance that the federal, state and local governments require. This has also greatly improved our response time.
I am proud to be associated with a very dedicated group of men and women that give of their time and talents. To qualify, prepare and train for the selfless act of providing emergency response to our community is an honor to be associated with.
Visit your fire department to ask questions and comment on what you are doing to protect your family and property.
We can all work together to solve the many challenges that come our way. The fire service provides many outstanding opportunities to grow and learn as individuals and as team members.
As the Fire Chief I Thank You for all the trust and confidence that you have shown to me.
It is my honor to serve The Broad River Community.

Chief Brent Hayner

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